Are you dedicated to your Journey?

Dedication (n.) – the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. What is your purpose? I started my blog this past summer and truth being told, I have not been dedicated to my blog or my core business. I am currently in another venture which has some great potential however it requires a lot of input.

I am dedicated to not being an employee in the future and as I have mentioned before I left that realm over 2 years ago. As an entrepreneur, I have yet to get a realistic grasp on scheduling my time so I will be able to have time for all my business ventures. I have been mulling it over in my head for a few weeks now and have decided that I am not as dedicated to my work as I should be.

Once this hurdle has been surpassed, I should see the results I’ve expected to gain from my hard work. My wife does a part-time business and she has dedicated herself to a schedule which is working for her and she recently mentioned, “Working smarter not harder” is where we want to be and this has resonated with me ever since.

Looking forward to the continuation of my journey and wishing all great success in your endeavours.


Finding your Ideal Client

What would you give to have your ideal client at all times? This is a question anyone who has thought of starting a business would have considered. Who are you looking for? It is said for you to have success in business, your product or service should be something that people need.

Once it has been decided what product or service you will be offering then you focus on marketing to your target audience. Do you know your audience? How will you reach them? Who needs your product or service?

For any form of promotion, you would first approach the persons who are a part of your circle of family and friends. Your next step would be possibly advertising via traditional media. The other ways chosen by many including established businesses is the realm of Social Media.

Social media gives you a wide reach  as there are so many subscribers on the many widely used platforms. Take Facebook for example, I received a recent notification close to the end of June to early July regarding a subscriber milestone of 2 Billion; you read correctly 2 Billion which is a quarter of the World’s total population so this should tell you something. Social media is still a new way to market any product or service however I have noticed all the major brands have embraced it as they realize that this is where you find any demographic that you would want to reach.

For traditional media such as Radio, Television and Newspapers, the cost is prohibitive to a new business venture as this is a space occupied by the larger corporations. Another thing to consider is the reach of these media; when was the last time you watched TV, listened to the Radio or bought and read a Newspaper? I personally have not watched traditional TV since “cutting the cord” for alternatives such as Netflix. The Radio is much the same as I very rarely listen to it as I subscribe to SiriusXM and also listen to personal development CDs. The newspaper is a medium which to me does not have the reach it might have once had.

On a final note, it is up to you to decide how you will go about finding your client base after all you know the client whom you seek. There are a lot of resources to assist us as business persons. I usually go to Amazon Canada’s website and search for books etc to assist me, you could try it too.