What to do when faced with a Dilemma

Hey Everyone, I’m back. I initially set up this blog due to some ideas I had last year regarding entrepreneurship and thought that I could share information with my fellow entrepreneurs. There is a lot that has happened since I did my first post. There was a lot that was happening and I tried to do too many things all at once.

I have since scaled back and have revamped with a new focus. My wife and I have joined forces to grow our current businesses through Social Media and Online marketing. The platforms that we are using are Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Video is now the most important way to get your message across and I have taken steps to make the most of it. I have become Cameraman, Editor and Online Support. You may ask how in the World are you able to do this; my businesses are my 9 -5. I get up before the crack of dawn most days and get my work done. I have to treat my business just like I did my job.

There is so much I have learnt and continue to learn Online Marketing and the techniques needed to grow our business. It has been a “Heck” of a ride so far and I only foresee things getting better as it goes along.

I will be sharing more about the growth of my business and my experiences learnt along the way.

Here’s to Your Success.

P.S. check me out on Youtube ……search Cathy & Courtney Shim….see you online

Are you dedicated to your Journey?

Dedication (n.) – the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. What is your purpose? I started my blog this past summer and truth being told, I have not been dedicated to my blog or my core business. I am currently in another venture which has some great potential however it requires a lot of input.

I am dedicated to not being an employee in the future and as I have mentioned before I left that realm over 2 years ago. As an entrepreneur, I have yet to get a realistic grasp on scheduling my time so I will be able to have time for all my business ventures. I have been mulling it over in my head for a few weeks now and have decided that I am not as dedicated to my work as I should be.

Once this hurdle has been surpassed, I should see the results I’ve expected to gain from my hard work. My wife does a part-time business and she has dedicated herself to a schedule which is working for her and she recently mentioned, “Working smarter not harder” is where we want to be and this has resonated with me ever since.

Looking forward to the continuation of my journey and wishing all great success in your endeavours.